Joining our team as a call contractor can lead you to some very real benefits and career possibilities. Knowing more about what to expect will help you thrive.

  • What is the Arise Platform?

    The arise platform is a system that connects customer support opportunities to small call center employees. It makes it easy to match employees with companies that need their services. The platform provides a variety of different call center services to some of the world's biggest companies, ensuring that those on both sides of the process are able to get the most from it.

  • What is an Opportunity Announcement?

    The Opportunity Announcement is exactly what its name suggests. It is a document that includes all information needed for you to determine if it's the right fit for your services. Info about the client, the types of calls made, any additional equipment required, and more will be included in the document. Reviewing and responding to these announcements is the first step towards making the calls associated with the client.

  • What if I'm Unavailable for Some Days of a Client Opportunity Class Certification Course?

    Unfortunately, 100% attendance is required in order to complete the class and move on to working regularly. As such, it's important to be totally sure that you will be able to attend every session scheduled in the program. Each course will clearly define the schedule before you sign up, so review the schedule to make certain you can attend.

  • What Are The Steps To The Registration Process?

    In order to register, you begin by completing a basic profile. This step can be finished in about 5 minutes. Afterwards, you'll have to go through a multi-step process to complete registration. The exact process will depend upon whether or not you're registering as a company or as an agent. For more information on how the process works, you can visit this page.

  • How is Liz Communication Services able to provide work at home opportunities?

    Liz Communication Services has partnered with Arise which allows us the opportunity to provide work at home opportunities to individuals to become Client Support Professionals in the United States and work from home.

  • Why is a National Background Check required and what are the deciding factors in passing?

    Arise and LCS have high integrity standards and, thus, no one can become a Client Support Professional if they are convicted, pled guilty or pled no contest to a felony or certain misdemeanor charges (such as fraud). Some clients have more stringent standards with respect to being eligible to service their particular account. Most traffic violations do not constitute a disqualifying event. The request is submitted to the search partner via the Web.

  • What type of services will I be providing?

    As a CSP sub-contracted under LCS you choose the client you wish to service from one our many top nationwide companies. The work typically consists of taking inbound calls (NO outbound calls) involving customer service, sales or technical support. There are chats and email opportunities also but those are rare and fill up quickly. Opportunities will be given to you once you have completed the Admissions process.

  • Are there any taxes deducted from my revenue?

    No taxes are deducted from your earned revenue, you are a 1099 independent contractor so you are responsible for your own taxes. Please consult your accountant for your tax obligations.

  • Is There A Monthly Service Fee?

    Call center companies must pay a monthly service fee immediately after an agent's successful completion of the certification opportunity. This fee isn't applied to registrants or agents who aren't servicing clients. The Arise Platform has a service fee of $39.50 each month, and it provides access to all the support and features that contractors can use as they work and complete calls connected through the system.

  • How will I be paid?

    You will be paid via direct deposit, twice a month on the 15th and the last day of every month.

  • How Long Before I can Start Servicing A Client?

    Once that the initial registration process is completed, you will be able to choose the client certification course that matches your interests and skillset. These courses can run from three to eight weeks depending on the project that is chosen. Once they're completed, you will be eligible to start servicing clients and begin earning money from home as a professional call center contractor.

  • Can I service more than one client at a time?

    Yes, you can service more than one client at a time if you're seeking to service full time from home. Most clients have a minimum amount of hours needed to be serviced each week which ranges from 15-25 hours per week. Depending on the client you may have the opportunity to work over 80 hours per week if you desire.

  • How much revenue can I earn?

    The revenue that you can earn depends solely on how many hours you work , what client you are currently servicing and your performance. In fact many of our clients offer extra incentives for good performance. The pay rate usually varies from client to client but it's usually somewhere in between $9-$14+ per hour plus incentives. You are in total charge of your earning potentials.

  • Do I need to invest in anything before I get started?

    Yes, as an independent business subcontracted under LCS, you will need to invest in your admission which includes the enrollment processing fee, background check, CSP 101 and the client you choose to service. We offer vouchers to cover CSP 101 for college students, and members of the military families which includes veterans and their spouses, active military and their spouses. Call our office to learn more about our voucher's program.

  • Will I be reimbursed for my enrollment fee?

    Yes! We offer reimbursement after 90 days to every CSP that meets or exceeds their metrics.

  • Do I need to relocate for training?

    No, training is provided virtually online as well. Training is typically 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, for 2+ weeks done by a live trainer in a virtual online setting.

  • What equipment will I need?

    You will need a (POTS) Plain Old Telephone System or VOIP phone, as well as internet access. You will need a home land line phone that connects into the jack in the wall with a headset. You can also use VOIP to service our clients. You only need a VOIP headset for training purposes. Ideally, you will have a quiet space to work in and have basic computer skills.

  • "Working with Liz Communication services is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing me to work flexible hours. I manage to contribute a lot to the company and I still have time for my family.”
    Mary S.
    Call Center Agent
  • “Although I have only been with Liz communication services for a short period of time, I have found the company and the people I work with to be amazing. This is a group of very talented, dedicated and friendly people.”
    Keisha W.
    Call Center Agent
  • “Prior to working with Liz communication services, I never imagined that I would be able to serve a company that would allow me to balance my work and my family. This is a truly professional organization that never compromises on quality. Employees are motivated with various internal competitions and the company importantly rewards talent and achievements.”
    Robert A.
    Call Center Agent
  • “I am very grateful for the opportunity Liz communication services has given me to discover my hidden skills and gain experience in customer service.”
    Steeves C.
    Call Center Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the calls like?

    Calls can be quite varied, and will depend upon the industry and the customer or client that you are working for. Since contractors can choose the call types that they work with, it is possible for you to essentially dictate the basic nature of the calls that you make. You can review the options and choose the ones that work for you.

  • Do I need to buy any equipment?

    Not usually. For most people, the main requirements will be a telephone and a computer with access to the internet. Since the average person already has access to these items, it's straightforward process to get started and one that requires no additional, serious investment in additional equipment. For most, the startup cost is very small.

  • What are the steps to the registration process?

    Registration involves a straightforward process. You'll apply and provide information about your history and undergo a credit check and background check. You'll need a Tax ID number as well, which can be your social security number in most instances. Once that you've applied and been confirmed, you will receive an email confirming that you are now able to start working as a caller.

  • How do I get paid?

    You'll get your money disbursed directly to your bank account twice per month, on a regular basis as dictated and established once you begin. You'll receive receipts and invoices to use for tax purposes. If you move up to become an independent agent, you may additionally receive direct payment from clients in certain situations.

  • How long before I can start servicing a client?

    In order to become part of the team, you'll have to go through a basic application process. This includes a background and credit check. In most instances, this takes about two to three weeks. Once it's completed, you can begin working on a regular basis as much as you like.

  • What is an independent agent?

    An independent agent is just what it sounds like. You will be an independent contractor that contracts directly with our team under a contracted agreement. You'll have the right to place or receive calls from people who request our help, and complete your work as indicated in the contracted agreement.


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